New York Soldiers of the Great War


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Soldiers of the Great War, published in 1920, was an official attempt to identify, with photographs, all members of the U.S. armed forces who gave their lives in World War I.  The Larchmont Historical Society scanned, indexed and posted online all of the pages relating to fallen soldiers from New York State.

Using the Search Tool

The Search Tool is in sidebar next to this article. The images are stored in and displayed from a digital archive which can be searched by the name of the soldier or the name of the soldier’s residence. To search for a soldier in the archive using the Search Tool, enter either the last name – example “Jones” – or the community name – example “Albany” – and all corresponding records will come up.

The project uses a digital image database which displays the search results. The database displays scans of pages from Soldiers of the Great War. Clicking on any small image of a page brings up a full-page display. Each photograph contains the name, residence, and cause of death or injury:

K.A. Killed in action
D.D. Died of Disease
D.W. Died of Wounds
D.A. Died of Accident
W.A. Wounded in Action

Once you know the page you want, you can download the page at no cost. Select the “Download a page” link for instructions.

Please note that Soldiers of the Great War does not include all of the names and pictures of fallen soldiers in World War I. For more complete information about the use and limitations of the database see the following articles:

Complete Instructions
Author’s Introduction (1920)
Additional Search Resources

Special thanks are in order to Michaela Roberts, an intern with the Historical Society, who indexed all of the entries.