Larchmont Historical Society’s Digital Photo Archive is a searchable database of more than 7,000 images from six major sources and multiple collections. You can browse each collection separately, as described below or you can search across collections.

It is not necessary to log in or register to use this archive. You can browse all of the photos in a particular collection or search for images across the entire archive.

Viewing Each Collection

The list of collections is to the right. They are grouped under the six participating organizations – names CAPITALIZED – who shared their collections with the Archive. Click on a collection and you can browse all of the photos in that collection.

Searching Generally

Using the “Search” box above, you can enter a word or name and click on “Go.” You can also use the Advanced Search Tool. It can target your search to one or more particular collections.

Searching by Address

You can type a street name combined with a 3-digit street number like prospect007 or beach149. A 4-digit number is necessary for Palmer Avenue or the Post Road, like palmer1906 or bpr2112. You enter these into the Search Tool and hit “execute search” you will get a listing of all of the images indexed to the addresses involved.

General Keywords

We have also set up a list of indexing keywords. While indexing is not complete, if you search on these keywords you will reach those images that have already been indexed. For example, click on the keyword “halloween” below and you will see ghosts and goblins past.

park – residence – business – lyc – hhyc – lsc – thruway – business – WWI – WWII – korea – vietnam – school – soccer – sail – worship – parade – storm – housetour – ad – hotel – map – art – civilwar – veteran – detail – halloween – manorpark – flintpark
Government and Public Service


vol – tom – vom – mayor – trustee – supervisor – towncouncil
Fire and Police


lpd – tmpd – lfd – tmfd – fire – workingfire
When users suggest additional search keywords we add them to this list.

Obtaining Photographs

To obtain a photograph you must contact the organization that has custody of the photograph.