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The Herb Roth Photograph Collection

Two residents celebrated at Flint Park during the 1940s

Herb Roth was a local resident and well-known cartoonist. He worked for the New York World and the New York Herald Tribune, but also published his cartoons and illustrations independently. The Larchmont Public Library has a collection of his photographs of Larchmont in the early 1940s.

Site Link:  The Herbert Roth Collection

Streetscape Pictures from 2002 and 2012

The Larchmont Store

These photos were taken by Ned Benton in 2002 and again in 2012 to illustrate each address in Larchmont Village’s business districts. The LHS plans to update the record every decade with photographs of the same sites.

Site Link: Streetscape Pictures from 2002

Some locations have multiple photographs taken at other times. These can be found by using an address keyword: see Searching by Address for detailed directions.


Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club

Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club

This collection is an eclectic mix of images donated by the Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club to the Larchmont Historical Society. Some are from the club’s early history. Others show the fire and renovation in the 1990s, and many depict more recent social and racing events.

Site Link: Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club

Additional photographs of the club may be found in other collections. Use the keyword “hhyc” to search the entire Archive. For further instructions, see: Browsing and Searching the Collections.

The William Keresey Collection

LPD Chief William Keresey

William Keresey was Larchmont Police Chief from 1934-1974. During his years of service, he collected pictures of police-related events such as collisions along with general pictures of the Village. His son, who was chief from 1986-2001, allowed the Larchmont Historical Society to scan these pictures for the Photo Archive. 

The pictures include many vehicular incidents.


Local Politics Through The Years

Larchmont has a rich history of active local political activity. This collection features advertisements, pamphlets and flyers donated by candidates over the years and scanned into the digital archive.

The Historical Society has attempted to include both sides of each campaign or issue and is always interested in adding more material from elections in the Village of Larchmont, Town of Mamaroneck or Mamaroneck School District.

Site Link:  Local Politics Through The Years

The Fire History Committee Collection

Engine One in the 1920s or 1930s

These are images featuring the Larchmont Fire Department that have been put together by members of the Larchmont Historical Society’s Fire Committee.  They include:

Site link: The Fire History Collection