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Local Cemeteries

Between 2007-2008, Ned Benton took photos of every grave marker in all six local cemeteries and posted them in the Photo Archive.  As information becomes available, the images are annotated with information about the people identified by the markers.



The cemeteries documented include:

The collection can be searched in the Photo Archive by family name or by cemetery: 

The Philip Severin Collection

Philip Severin 1894-1986

Known as “Mr. Larchmont,” Philip Severin played an integral role in the evolution of our present-day community. Severin was a realtor, developer, planner, landscape architect, historian, artist and writer. He recorded his surroundings and experiences  in both his art and his writing, preserving a record of life in Larchmont that brings the past to life today. His contributions are memorialized on a plaque in the West Gazebo of Manor Park. The Historical Society acquired a collection of his original sketches in 2006.

Severin was born in 1894 in New York City. The Severin family moved to Larchmont in 1899. They lived on 28 picturesque acres know as Wilmarth Farms, stretching from the Post Road to Palmer Avenue and from Chatsworth Avenue to the stone wall along Concord Avenue, Virginia Place, Devon Road and Nassau Road. His father, Jacob Zvirin (name changed later) was a printer who also operated Zvirin’s News Store. The Larchmont Historical Society is fortunate to have several of the beautiful photo postcards that he published and sold to residents of Larchmont Village in the early 1900s.

New York Soldiers of the Great War


Site Link: New York Soldiers of the Great War

Soldiers of the Great War, published in 1920, was an official attempt to identify, with photographs, all members of the U.S. armed forces who gave their lives in World War I.  The Larchmont Historical Society scanned, indexed and posted online all of the pages relating to fallen soldiers from New York State.

Using the Search Tool

The Search Tool is in sidebar next to this article. The images are stored in and displayed from a digital archive which can be searched by the name of the soldier or the name of the soldier’s residence. To search for a soldier in the archive using the Search Tool, enter either the last name – example “Jones” – or the community name – example “Albany” – and all corresponding records will come up.

The project uses a digital image database which displays the search results. The database displays scans of pages from Soldiers of the Great War. Clicking on any small image of a page brings up a full-page display. Each photograph contains the name, residence, and cause of death or injury:

K.A. Killed in action
D.D. Died of Disease
D.W. Died of Wounds
D.A. Died of Accident
W.A. Wounded in Action

Once you know the page you want, you can download the page at no cost. Select the “Download a page” link for instructions.

Please note that Soldiers of the Great War does not include all of the names and pictures of fallen soldiers in World War I. For more complete information about the use and limitations of the database see the following articles:

Complete Instructions
Author’s Introduction (1920)
Additional Search Resources

Special thanks are in order to Michaela Roberts, an intern with the Historical Society, who indexed all of the entries.

The Larchmont Times 1901-1902

Larchmont Times, June 1, 1901

The Larchmont Times of 1901 and 1902 are editions of a weekly newspaper published by George S. Forbes. The paper was produced in New Rochelle from offices at 225 Huguenot Avenue. It became the Larchmonter Times in 1908 and was published until 1922. It was then succeeded by the Larchmont Times, which ran until 1955.

Site link: The Larchmont Times1901-1902

The Historical Society obtained an original set of the 1901-1902 Larchmont Times in 2008, digitized it, and then posted it to the Photo Archives. We also scanned and cropped separately a set of advertisements by local merchants and professionals.

Local Politics Through The Years

Larchmont has a rich history of active local political activity. This collection features advertisements, pamphlets and flyers donated by candidates over the years and scanned into the digital archive.

The Historical Society has attempted to include both sides of each campaign or issue and is always interested in adding more material from elections in the Village of Larchmont, Town of Mamaroneck or Mamaroneck School District.

Site Link:  Local Politics Through The Years

LHS General Collection

Schooner Aground at Manor Beach

Over the years, the Larchmont Historical Society Archive has amassed a large number of images in addition to those in the named collections. The original picture or slides can be found in notebooks, collection boxes and files at the Archive.

There are photos of local homes, public agencies, churches, civic organizations, neighborhoods and parks. In addition there are images scanned from slides of LHS lectures, including those by Sherman Totten from his presentation “Larchmont Through The Years.”